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5.0 out of 5 stars A Must-Read for All Seekers of Truth
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After reading the opening poem that sets the backdrop for this incredible story, I closed my book and let the scene come to life. Then I turned to the first chapter and was taken on a very long journey, step by step, on the author's path to spiritual enlightenment. When one becomes a seeker of Truth, there is no road map to follow. There is no planning ahead for such a journey; but the trip is anything but random. At each place experienced by Maryam Kabeer Faye and retold in Journey Through Ten Thousand Veils, we hear how her Truth grows; and, for me, each stop reminded me of a stop on my own very different journey along the same sort of path. In times where the bridges that joined us at Creation to all other inhabitants of our world have been burned by hatred, anger, and fear, it is encouraging to hear the story of someone whose life has been all about building the bridges that connect us -- man to man and woman to woman. Her conclusion that, "The way of Muhammad is Mercy for All the Worlds," speaks to the heart of Islam that has been forgotten, accused, and misrepresented in a time when our fear sees only the terroristic acts of a few as defining many. Our world desperately needs the sort of Love, Truth, Compassion and Healing that are the heart of this woman's journey to the Light. May Sheika Maryam be blessed for sharing the search of one woman toward the removal of the "veils" that separated her from the clarity of the Light that is her birthright. May many who read her story be similarly blessed and encouraged to "love all lives as your own," to "repel evil with what is better," to see and hear with our hearts all the Light that shines in our world -- even when the night seems the darkest.
ByPamela Jon September 22, 2010, A Must-Read for All Seekers of Truth

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